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International symposium hosted by Medwatcher Japan "The Current Status of Worldwide Injuries from the HPV Vaccine" was a great success


International symposium hosted by Medwatcher Japan "The Current Status of Worldwide Injuries from the HPV Vaccine" was a great success

International symposium hosted by Medwatcher Japan "The Current Status of Worldwide Injuries from the HPV Vaccine" was held at Takeda Hall of the University of Tokyo on Saturday, March 24, 2018, and it was successfully completed with 340 participants.

In the first part of the symposium "Report from each countries"
≠° From Japan, Masumi Minaguchi, Secretary-General of Medwatcher Japan, Chair of attorneys for multi plaintiffs lawsuits for HPV vaccine victims, reported on fundamental problems of the HPV vaccine and the current situation in Japan,
≠Ę From Colombia, Monica Leon del Rio, representative of °»Rebuilding Hope Association HPV Vaccine Victims°… and the attorney for class action lawsuit,
≠£ From Spain, Alicia Capilla, representative of °» Association of Affected People due to the HPV vaccines in Spain "(AAVP)
≠§ From the UK, Mandeep Badial, scientific officer of °» UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID)°…
≠• From Ireland, Anna Cannon, spokesperson of °» Reactions and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma (REGRET)°…,
reported on the situation of victims HPV vaccine in each country.
All the speakers from abroad are the mothers of the victims.

Through the presentations in Part 1, it becomes clear that various and multilayered symptoms of victims affected by HPV vaccine are common in each country, and that adverse reaction report of HPV vaccine victims in each country is overwhelmingly more than other vaccines, etc.
It is obviously wrong to say that the problems of adverse effects of HPV vaccine are reported only in Japan.

In addition, a lot of victims have been diagnosed as having "mental problems°…, and not be able to receive appropriate medical treatment. The companies and governments do not admit the causality between vaccines and adverse effects and do not fulfill their responsibility. Moreover, the doctors and media who promote the vaccine are labeling victims as "Anti-vaccine".
The victims' groups are taking actions to change this unethical situation.
All these situations are also common in each country.

In the panel discussion of Part 2, Nanami Sakai, the representative of the plaintiffs of the class action lawsuit in Japan and Dr. Hirokuni Beppu, deputy Representative of Medwatcher Japan, joined the panelists.
And Prof. Kunihiko Kumamoto and Masumi Minaguchi served as coordinators.

At the beginning of Part 2, Nanami Sakai introduced her story brought by the side effects of HPV vaccine.

The panelist discussed the hard situation that the victims must endure not only physical suffering but also emotional distress as they are often left without recourse to adequate medical treatment. International organizations such as WHO and EMA, as well as the national health and welfare systems, also insist that the safety of the HPV vaccine has been adequately established and thus the complaints from victims are neglected as having no scientific basis. This sort of neglect and discrimination is surprisingly similar across all countries where ADRs have been reported.
The governments and companies should fulfill their responsibility to save the victims.
In particular, developing therapy is an urgent issue to be addressed.

In addition, we discussed the mechanism of HPV vaccine, which is quite different from the previous ordinary vaccines. The epidemiological surveys that have conducted thus far have limitation and problems in showing the real risks of this vaccine. We also discussed that we must learn the lessons from the past history of drug-induced tragedies. It takes time to prove the causal relationship between new drugs and their adverse effects.

Finally, we confirmed the necessity of international cooperation across borders in order to solve the problem concerning HPV vaccine, and the symposium was successfully completed.

Thank you for participating our symposium!

*Please click the link below to download the photos of the symposium.

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