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International Symposium: "The Current Status of Worldwide Injuries from the HPV Vaccine"


Japan is not the only country where serious injuries from the HPV vaccine (cervical cancer vaccine) are becoming a social problem. In this symposium, we will be welcoming guests from victims' groups in Ireland, the UK, Spain and also Columbia, where a class action lawsuit has been filed. We'll be sharing information on the injuries, responses from medical circles and the government and the victims' activities, and discussing the root of the problem as well as a relief system for the victims. We hope you will be able to join us.

■ Date and Time: Saturday, March 24th, 2018 13:30 - 17:30 (doors open 13:00)

■ Venue: Takeda Hall, 5th Floor, Takeda Building, Hongo Campus of the University of Tokyo

■ Japanese ~ English / English ~ Japanese simultaneous interpretation provided ・No reservation needed ・Fee for handouts: 500 yen

■ Session 1 Reports from Each Country

Fundamental Problems with the HPV Vaccine and the Situation in Japan:
Masumi Minaguchi
Secretary General, YAKUGAI Ombudsperson (Medwatcher Japan)
Chair of attorneys for class action lawsuits for HPV vaccine victims

Columbia: Monica Leon Del Rio
Attorney representing class action lawsuit for HPV vaccine victims and President of Rebuilding Hope Association HPV Vaccine Victims

Spain: Alicia Capilla
Chair of Association of Affected People due to the HPV vaccines in Spain (AAVP)

UK: Mandeep Badial
Science Officer of UK Association of HPV Vaccine Injured Daughters (AHVID)

Ireland: Anna Cannon
Spokesperson of Reactions and Effects of Garsadil Resulting in Extreme Trauma (REGRET)

(※ Speakers from abroad are mothers of HPV vaccine victims)

■ Session 2 Panel Discussion

Panelists: All speakers from Session 1 and others
Moderator: Prof. Kunihiko Kumamoto (Member of YAKUGAI Ombudsperson Medwatcher Japan) and others

Host: YAKUGAI Ombudsperson (Medwatcher Japan)

Contact: YAKUGAI Ombudsperson (Medwatcher Japan) Office,
TEL: 03-3350-0607

Please refer to the link below for the report of the symposium "International symposium hosted by Medwatcher Japan "The Current Status of Worldwide Injuries from the HPV Vaccine" was a great success."