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Submission of a written request over Transparency Guideline for the Relation between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions


 On February 19th 2013, Medwatcher Japan submitted to the Japan Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (JPMA), Japan Medical Association, the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences and its COI (conflict of interest) committee a written request concerning Transparency Guideline for the Relation between Corporate Activities and Medical Institutions.

 As of April this year, based on the above guidelines that were established by JPMA in January 2011, certain information is expected to be made public.

 Corporations will release information online about money paid to doctors and researchers. Information on research fees, donations, lecture fees, writing fees, fees for providing information about medicine and pharmaceutical science-related literature and entertainment costs.

 It is widely acknowledged that any conflict of interest arising from collaboration with industries and academia could distort any fairness in appraising medical products or research. To ensure that fairness is guaranteed, disclosing information and increasing transparency are the most basic steps to take.

 However, the Japanese Association of Medical Sciences' Conflict of Interest Committee and Japan Medical Association have expressed opposition and passive views towards this.

 The payer of money and the receiver must both take active steps to guarantee transparency. By nature, the medical field must take the initiative to guarantee transparency, but when faced with having to do this, it's offering passive opinions instead. It is no exaggeration at all to say that such an attitude only leads to social distrust and that anything that prevents the planned steps from being carried out is completely unreasonable.

 Therefore, Medwatcher Japan compiled a written request that the guideline should be implemented as of April this year and submitted it to 4 groups including JPMA and Japan Medical Association.